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Pay Offer Consultation – Pay Grades for Sandwell MBC

The trade unions have received a two-year pay offer for council, school and other members on NJC pay.

The offer is 2% on all pay points above scp19 for April 2018 and April 2019.For those below point 20 the pay offer is better. For 1 April 2018 the offer is:-

Scp 6 Grade A £1,380 (9.2%)
Scp 7 Grade A £1,380 (9.1%)
Scp 8 Grade A £1,380 (9.1%)
Scp 9 Grade B £1,380 (9.0%)
Scp 10 Grade B £1,250 (8.0%)
Scp 11 Grade B £1,200 (7.6%)
Scp 12 Grade B £1,050 (6.5%)
Scp 13 Grade B £900 (5.5%)
Scp 14 Grade C £900 (5.4%)
Scp 15 Grade C £900 (5.3%)
Scp 16 Grade C £900 (5.2%)
Scp 17 Grade C £900 (5.1%)
Scp 18 Grade C £800 (4.4%)
Scp19 Grade C £700 (3.7%)

The offer is clearly better than what we have received in the last 7 years but with RPI inflation still almost 4% the 2% offer still represents a pay cut in real terms.

And although the offer is better for the lowest paid, anyone on Grades A and B were due to receive a boost in pay because from 1 April 2018 Sandwell Council had committed to paying the Living Wage (currently £8.75per hour).

UNISON is putting this offer to all members for a consultative ballot. We urge all members to vote in this ballot so your union can represent your views.

The national committee that negotiates our pay is urging members to reject the offer.

Postal ballots are being sent to those working in schools. Workplace ballots will be held for those working in large council buildings. Look out for your voting paper.

To see the offer in relation to Sandwell MBC’s grades please see the attached spreadsheet.

Pay Rates Apr 2018-20


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